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Stark Soul

2 Pairs Unisex Knee-High Compression Socks

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What is Compression/Running socks?

Compression socks: especially for runners are a super-strong elastic sock, typically worn up to the knee.

Stark Soul invented next level compression, meaning they are tighter around the ankle, and less so at the knee. Left and right pairs produced differently for each foot comfort. Since leg sizes vary, you can find compression socks to match your foot and calf size. ompression socks have been used for a very long time, commonly in the medical field. Patients who are bedridden, or with very limited mobility wear them to increase circulation in their legs. Compression socks show the most benefit to runners when they are sitting. Compression applies gentle pressure on the blood vessels in the calves so that blood cannot pool in the lower legs while stationary.

Skin-friendly, breathable and very comfortable material. Ergonomic shape, Left and Right pairs are different. Sewn with padding on calf, instep, heel and toe area. You can choose different sizes

- 12-14 mmHg
- Continuous compression supports blood circulation and promotes regeneration.

- AIR channel system (special ventilation system on the sole).
- Optimized padding on calf, instep, heel and toe area for protection against pressure points and blisters.
- The narrow and elastic cuff ensures a perfect fit without slipping.
Odour-inhibiting; Due to rich Cotton/Polyamide Material.
- Extremely flat toe seam, climate-regulating, and a mode of excellent moisture transport through the technically optimized material mix.
- Quick-drying. Wrinkle-free fit by Elasthane Padded sole to absorb shock.
These knee-high socks are ideal for sports as well as for the regeneration phase after exercise they support the muscles and the circulation of the legs and accelerate the regeneration.

Material Composition:
34% polyamide | 29% polypropylene | 17% cotton | 12% polyester | 8% spandex

Number of Packs:
1 pair in one Bundle.

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Care Instructions

Machine Washable 30C