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Stark Soul

2 Pairs, Unisex Trekking Compression Socks.

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Unisex Trekking, Biking Performance Socks 

If you’re not familiar with other Sports Activities Socks such as Basketball, Runner, Cycling, Golfing and other Sport Activities socks, Stark Soul Performance Socks will specify which foot each sock is for. It’s like a shoe that grips the feet and protects from friction, the socks have strategically cushioned zones for the left and right foot to provide support and comfort. It’s a little disturbing and twisted to think that your right sock doesn’t work with your left foot?

Why use Performance Socks?

There is cushioning where basketball players, skaters, golfers and bikers cut and slide their foot, extra padding around the ankle and Achilles so shoes don’t beat ’em up and the ribbing across the mid-foot gives for a larger range of motion. In other words, it looks like a specialised sock.

With a comfy grip, supportive fit that stops friction-causing movement inside your shoe. Protective cushioning strategically placed under-ankle. Features of Stark Soul Sneaker/Trainer Socks are essential for many active sporters. Tested on: Runners, Bikers, Basketball players, Skaters, Golf Players.

High polyamide fibres give the moisture absorbing properties of the socks, keeping feet dry, cool and odour free. Anatomically formed footbed offers optimum stability for medium and long-distance runs, while integrated air-channels help maintain a perfect climate for keeping feet comfortable. In addition to a real performance boost, these socks feel pleasantly light and soft against the skin, letting hardworking feet know that you care Anatomically designed.

- AIR conditioning channels (special ventilation system).
- HIGH-QUALITY soft and gentle for your skin.
- SUITABLE for spring, autumn, everyday use; home, school, office.
- Ribbed cuffs for a perfect fit, Extremely flat toe seam.
- Climate-regulating, odour-inhibiting, quick-drying, wrinkle-free fit by Elasthan.**
- Reinforced sole to absorb shock, ideal for running but also ideal for work and play.
- Excellent moisture transport through the ingenious material mix.
- Optimised for running protections against pressure marks and blisters.
- MACHINE WASHABLE, Recommended 40°C, no need to worry about deformation or fading.
"**If you’re staying on foot for more than 8 hours a day, you need to carry one more pair of socks. For healthy feet, you need to wash your feet well and dry with a clean cloth which should solely be used for your feet.

42% polyamide | 32% polyester | 24% polypropylene | 2% spandex

Number of Packs:
2 pair

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Care Instructions

Machine Washable 30C