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VCA Unisex Bamboo Viscose Trainer Socks 6 Pairs Multipack Multicolour

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6 Pairs Bamboo Viscose Trainer Socks, Soft Breathable Leisure socks

Bamboo yarn is made with bamboo grass that is harvested and distilled into cellulose that’s then spun into yarn. It’s a natural, non-animal sourced fibre that’s considered an eco-friendly fabric. Bamboo socks are also very absorbent, due to the micro-gaps in the bamboo fibre. The main benefit of bamboo socks is their anti-bacterial abilities. Bamboo materials inhibit bacterial growth, while other fabrics, like wool, may encourage bacterial growth. Bacteria mixed with sweat is what causes bodily odour on clothing. If you have allergies to wool or other types of yarn, you should not have problems if you are working with bamboo. Bamboo is a plant-based fibre that has no risk of allergies. But: If you’re not using 100% bamboo yarn, check what the bamboo yarn is blended with, you may have an allergy to one of the other fibres.

What is Viscose?
Viscose is a fibre made from Bamboo cellulose. So when it pertains to Bamboo plants, it comes from the cellulose of the plant, making it a cellulosic fibre, like cotton or linen. There is a difference between synthetic and manufactured fibres, which makes a difference in their sustainability. The cellulose solution of Bamboo is used to spin the viscose fibre. Viscose Socks are soft and stretchy and a great alternative to cotton for those who have irritation problems in their feet.

- Bamboo socks are light, soft and feel silky on the skin, making daily use very comfortable
- Hypo-allergenic, which is great for those with sensitive skin
- High Absorbents: Absorbs moisture which effectively removes the wet feeling from your feet, leaving them fresh and dry
- Antibacterial properties of bamboo will keep dry
- Natural ability to maintain temperature, and control bacteria and moisture, while feeling heavenly underfoot
- Bamboo is also less irritating to sensitive skin, warmer in winter, and yet cool in summer.
- There is Bambus lettering on the sole. Imported from Germany.

MACHINE WASHABLE: Recommended 30°C, do not tumble dry!
Material: 75% viscose (bamboo), 20% polyamide, 5% spandex
Colours: Black | Beige | Navy | Grey-Black-Navy-Mixed

2.5-5 | 5.5-8 | 8.5-10.5
35/38 | 39/42 | 43/46

SKU: 2017
HS: 611595
Made in Turkey

Number of Packs: 3 pairs in one Bundle.



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Machine Washable 30C